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Chris Jerram Elected Douglas County Chair

Last night, Omaha attorney Chris Jerram was elected as the new Chair of the Douglas County Democrats. Chris has been a great friend of the Democratic party locally and on the state level, and we're looking forward to working with him to move the county party forward.

Make sure to check out our Event Center for information regarding the Douglas County Party's "Fall Frolic" on September 29th, featuring the Nebraska Wine Festival. Congratulations, Chris!

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From the Road: Kearney

Carmyn and I stopped by the Buffalo County Democrats meeting in Kearney last night to get feedback from them on the 93 County Strategy.

Third Congressional District candidate Scott Kleeb (upper left) visiting with Buffalo County Democrats at their monthly meeting last night. About forty people attended the meeting.

Jeanne Butler, the County Chair, has been working hard to revitalize the county party with the help of dedicated Democrats in the Kearney area. The Buffalo County Democrats meet monthly now, and about forty people showed up for last night's meeting.

Scott Kleeb, the recently-declared candidate for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District, spoke about his campaign and why he's running for office. If you haven't heard about Scott, click here.

The Buffalo County Democrats are on the move. They've got alot of work to do: recruit candidates for Kearney's two City Council seats up in 2006, build up a network to help Democratic candidates win up and down the ballot, and keep the county party growing. Thanks to their hard work, though, the Buffalo County Democrats are well on the way towards building a strong Democratic community in Buffalo County.

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Democrats at the Fair!

The Nebraska Democratic Party is hosting a booth at the State Fair again this year. It runs from August 27th-September 5th at the Devaney Sports Center in Lincoln. The booth will be open each day from 10am-9pm and 10am-6pm on Labor Day.

The NDP is proud to have party leaders and candidates taking time out of their schedules to visit with the public at the booth.

Steve Achelpohl, State Chair, will be at the booth on August 28th from 10am-12pm.

Danielle Nantkes, Candidate for LD 46, will be at the booth on August 30th from 6-9pm.

Bill Avery, Candidate for LD 28, will be at the booth on September 3rd from 12-3pm.

Scott Kleeb, Candidate for 3rd CD, will be at the booth on September 3rd from 1-3pm.

Vince Powers, National Committeeman, will be at the booth on September 3rd from 2-4pm.

Rick Poore, Candidate for LD 28, will be at the booth on September 4th from 2-5pm.

Mark Munger, Candidate for LD 28, will be at the booth on September 5th from 4-6pm.

Also at the booth will be a free drawing for flags flown over the U.S. Capital Building by Senator Ben Nelson and his staff.

We will have volunteers from neighboring counties helping us at the booth during the rest of the week. We could not have put this together without their help. Please stop by to visit them!

We'll see you at the fair!

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College Democrats Kick Off the New School Year

The turnout for the first meeting of the UNL Young Democrats was fantastic. About 60 college students packed the room until there was standing room only. After introductions, it was obvious that the UNL Young Democrats are a very diverse group with members from all over the state and the surrounding region.

Carmyn and I spoke for a bit about our internship program, voter registration, and our booth at the State Fair. Then Scott Kleeb, our newly announced candidate for Congress in the 3rd District, spoke to the students about getting actively involved in the Party. Danielle Nantkes also talked about her race for a senate seat in the Unicameral. Danielle is running for LD 46, which is the district that includes the UNL campuses.

So far it looks like the UNL Young Dems are off to a great start. They plan on having formal meetings once a month and having fun meet-ups the rest of the time. One idea tossed out is to have a "Daily Show" night where they will watch "Indecision 2004" as a group. What a great way to be entertained and get to know each other while watching a show that sparks discussion about real issues facing our country.

The UNO College Democrats had their first meeting this week as well. Just like in Lincoln, they had a turnout of around 60 people. Their President, Ryan Renner, stopped by the UNL meeting to let us know how enthusiastic everyone in Omaha is about building up the Democratic Party in Nebraska. The UNO College Dems meet every Monday at 8 p.m. in Milo Bail Student Center. They also have a great blog you should check out.

We wish the all the Young Democrats the best of luck as they start their school year, and we hope to be seeing a lot of them throughout the year!

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Scott Kleeb for Congress

Another great Democrat who sees a better way -- Scott Kleeb for Nebraska's 3rd Congressional District.

Scott Kleeb in his hometown, Dunning, Nebraska.

Stay tuned for ways to contact Scott and get involved in his campaign.

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Thanks Senator Kerrey

Hopefully many of you reading this read the email I sent you last week about the progress the NDP has made the last three months.

From an exciting Morrison-Exon Dinner, to Camp Connealy, to the "93 County Strategy", the NDP is hard at work rebuilding the Party from the bottom-up.

In case you didn't get the email, our good friend Senator Bob Kerrey had a few comments about the NDP's efforts:

But what really amazes me is that you and I can join thousands more across the state and beyond, to build this new community from the ground up. Just the discussions I follow on the blog area of the site show the type of commitment and action it's going to take to make our Party stronger.

That commitment is matched at the highest levels of our state Party. These NDP staff members and elected leaders work around the clock planning training sessions and events where neighbors connect with one another to take control of their community. That's exactly how we need to strengthen the NDP--from the bottom up.

Senator Kerrey truly hit the nail on the head when he said:

For every volunteer that's been trained, we need ten more. For every person that can afford to travel to a rally 300 miles away, we need to be able to bus in twenty more. And, come election time, we need the network of 93 counties--not just a handful--to make our message a victory in the polls.

The "93 County Strategy" is your plan and we're thankful that Senator Kerrey believes in it.

However, the online community needs to hear from you. Be sure to add your thoughts about the resources needed to enact the "93 County Strategy" in your county.

Whether that's a booth at your county fair, or maybe literature to go door-to-door with, the NDP needs to know what you need to enact this plan on a very realistic level.

Your feedback is crucial, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas as we continue to implement your "93 County Strategy".

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Weekend Open Thread

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Jim Esch for Congress

An exciting development in Omaha. Stay tuned to find ways to help Jim in his quest to take back NE-2!

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Funny Friday

For those of us who've written speeches for politicians, this is a must see. Regardless, it's worth your three minutes -- I promise. Play

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From the Road: Antelope County

Carmyn and I stopped by to talk with the Antelope County Democrats about the 93 County Strategy at their monthly meeting last night in Neligh.

Ian Russell discusses the 93 County Strategy with the Antelope County Democrats.

Barb Ross, the county chair, is working with a dedicated group of folks to rebuild the Democratic Party in this rural area. They've started meeting monthly to share ideas and find candidates for local offices.

We talked about where they can find great candidates for local offices: economic development boards, the Chamber of Commerce, community leaders, etc. Since a good name goes along way in a rural area like Antelope County, it's important to find potential Democratic candidates who are already opinion leaders in small town politics. Barb brought up the fact that many candidates don't actually campaign for local offices, meaning that we can win them by knocking doors and turning out voters.

Thanks to the hard work of the resurgent Antelope County Democrats, they'll be new local Democratic elected officials in 2006 and more votes for our statewide candidates.

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