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Mike Johanns Joins Dave Heineman In Refusing To Defend Jon Bruning

Last month, news broke of Attorney General Jon Bruning's buying a vacation home with two Nelnet executives a year after attempting to release the Lincoln-based company from a million dollar settlement obligation with the state of Nebraska. The Nebraska Democratic Party has since alleged that Bruning covered up his property holdings and conflicts of interest, violating the spirit - if not the letter - of our state's disclosure laws for elected officials.

What's most telling about this allegation is who hasn't come to Bruning's defense. In separate interviews with Nebraska Watchdog's Joe Jordan, the top two elected Republican in the state - Gov. Dave Heineman and Sen. Mike Johanns - have both specifically refused to defend the conduct of the presumed frontrunner for their party's 2012 Senate nomination.

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Bruning’s Bittersweet Poll Numbers

If timing is everything the latest poll in the GOP Senate race appears to be bittersweet at best for Jon Bruning.

According to the poll Bruning leads the GOP Senate race but is a long way from the nomination. In addition it's possible the latest controversy confronting Bruning will make his run even more difficult.

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Johanns Declines to Defend Bruning

Given the chance to rush to Attorney General Jon Bruning's defense, another major player in the Nebraska GOP has decided to punt.

In an exclusive on camera interview (see video below) with Nebraska Watchdog, Senator Mike Johanns says he doesn't know enough about Bruning's latest ethical controversy to pass judgment. "I kind of pay attention to these things. I maybe read an article here and there," said Johanns. "Quite honestly I wouldn't feel equipped to weigh in on that kind of issue without getting a better understanding."

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How Does Jon Bruning Use Our Tax Dollars?

While Jon Bruning's budget as Attorney General has soared by 80% since he first took office in 2003, it seems astonishing that Bruning's Chief Deputy Attorney General David Cookson could attend the Nebraska Democratic Party's press conference on Monday at 9:30 am in the Capitol Rotunda. Not only did Cookson show up at the press conference, he then reported back to Bruning about the event. Nebraskans should be demanding to know why the Attorney General squanders our tax dollars to have a state employee waste time at an event which was tied to Bruning's campaign for U.S. Senate.

On Monday at 9:30 am, the Nebraska Democratic Party held a press conference at the Capitol in conjunction with the filing of a formal ethics complaint lodged with the Accountability and Disclosure Commission over Jon Bruning's failure to list his $675,000 vacation home on his statement of financial interests for three years, an omission that covered up the purchase of the property from the public for years.


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Democrats Question Bruning’s Ethics

Nebraska's Democratic Party on Monday raised questions about Attorney General Jon Bruning's ethical behavior and a possible conflict of interest in his purchase of a vacation home in partnership with two Nelnet executives.

The party filed an ethics complaint with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission alleging that Bruning failed to disclose co-ownership of the lakeside home on financial reporting forms for three years.

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Filing Questions Bruning on Home

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning did not specifically identify his ownership of a lake house in state financial reports, but he did list his association with two businesses that owned the house, as required by a state form.

A question about whether Bruning properly reported his partial ownership in the lake house, which he shared with two top Nelnet executives, was raised Monday by the Nebraska Democratic Party, which filed a complaint with the state.

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Nebraska Democrats File Ethics Complaint Against Bruning

Nebraska Democrats have filed an ethics complaint against Republican United States Senate candidate Jon Bruning. The Bruning campaign calls the complaint a "baseless, false claim."

Nebraska Democratic Party attorney Dennis Crawford has filed a complaint with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission [Download PDF], claiming Republican U. S. Senate candidate Jon Bruning failed to disclose a vacation home he owns with two Nelnet executives.

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Neb. Dems Claim AG Hid Ownership of Vacation Home

The Nebraska Democratic Party is taking aim at state Attorney General Jon Bruning for his shared ownership of a pricey vacation home. According to The Associated Press, the party filed an ethics complaint Monday against Bruning, a Republican running for the U.S. Senate. The party claims he didn't disclose that he shared ownership of a $675,000 home near Ashland in various financial statements.

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Who is The Real Jon Bruning?

Check out our new website designed to shine a spotlight on the real Jon Bruning!

Check out our new website designed to shine a spotlight on the real Jon Bruning!

  • Who is the real Jon Bruning? The real Jon Bruning claims to hate out of control spending. His solution? Cut Social Security and Medicare, even though he refused to cut his own budget, which has increased by more than 80 percent during his time as Attorney General — that’s even faster than the federal budget.


  •     The real Jon Bruning rails against the unemployed as “scavenging raccoons” but as Attorney General he has spent so much time moonlighting on corporate boards and running his businesses that he couldn’t be bothered to do the job he was elected to carry out: file the paperwork over a felony case. Failing to file it allowed a woman who was accused of stealing thousands from her own mother to go free.


  •     The real Jon Bruning has not only tripled his net worth while serving as Attorney General, but he just can’t seem to say “no” to free golf — he has taken gifts worth more than $60,000 including golf trips from San Diego to Michigan and Texas.

We'll be updating our new site regularly with news and information about the real Jon Bruning. We hope you'll check back often.


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Votebuilder/ The VAN

The Time is Now! Get on the VAN Today and Help Build Your Party!

Some of you may have heard of this tool called Votebuilder or the VAN! Well, it is all
you have heard and more. Votebuilder allows you to enter in data from
canvasses, events, surveys, dinners or whatever may be going on in your community. 

So what is Voterbuilder/The VAN?

Votebuilder is our Voter Activation Network (VAN) or our voter file. It has information about every
single Registered Voter in Nebraska. We use Votebuilder to update our records
on the voters of Nebraska and to keep track of when, who and how they voted. We
are also using the VAN for caucus.

Who is allowed to use Votebuilder?

Well, just about any registered Democrat in Nebraska. County Parties, for example, get
to use the VAN for free, outside progressive organizations and candidates have
to pay a small fee to get access to it. 

What is in Votebuilder?

Votebuilder contains basic information on every voter such has the name, place of
registration, birth, and all other basic information, which is provided to us by
the Secretary of State. Also within Votebuilder, people have created lists,
entered in data, collected canvass results and survey results and entered that
data into Votebuilder in order to make sure it has all the necessary
information that can then help Democrats target potential supporters. 

How can I improve Votebuilder?

The more people who enter in data, the more information candidates and other
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better our campaigns can target, the better our message will be and ultimately
get more Democrats elected. The more information you enter in NOW the more help
it will be. 

What if I have a question?

Once your candidate or organization has received your Votebuilder account, the NDP
offers help and trained staff to help you learn and be successful when using
the VAN.

What do I need to do to get on?

If you are part of your Local County Party, contact your County Chair and they will
help you to get access.

If you are a candidate or outside organization seeking access to the VAN, you
can contact us here

I am a Caucus Chair or a Caucus Committee Member and I am looking for more information on how to use The VAN with caucus, how do I get this information?

Please feel free to email us at and in the subject line
please put Caucus Chair or Caucus Committee.


If you
have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our VAN Administrator
Joey Adler at or 402-434-2187.  





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