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Tom DeLay Wanted for Arrest

A Texas court issued a warrant for Tom DeLay's arrest yesterday. That means DeLay is headed for a Texas police station today where he will likely be fingerprinted and have an official mug shot taken. (I bet he's loving the thought of that!) It looks like his first court appearance will be Friday morning.

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Open Thread

Check out this first post about a run-in with Rep. Fortenberry…

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You're Invited to Kearney!

I'm writing to invite you to join Democrats from across central Nebraska for a grassroots politics training on Saturday, October 22nd.

This free training is brought to you by the Nebraska Democratic Party and the local Buffalo County Democrats. It's geared toward Democratic Party activists, volunteers, and local candidates, and will cover the basics of building a local party infrastructure, political communications, and community organizing.

Join your neighbors and community leaders and sign up today.

The training will be held at the UNK Student Union, Oak Room,
1013 West 27th Street, in Kearney. It begins at 1:00 p.m. and will last for about four hours.

This event will be followed by the Buffalo County Democrats Fall Dinner. For more information on the dinner, click here.

I hope to see you in Kearney at the training and the dinner.

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Democrats Make Progress While Republicans Are Busy Cutting Ribbons

Our energy press conference yesterday received some great coverage in today's papers. The Lincoln Journal Star had a very comprehensive article on their front page. It's shocking to see that Governor Heineman cited his example of supporting renewable energy by showing up for a ribbon cutting at a wind farm. I suppose he doesn't know any better since he's pretty much been cutting ribbons his entire elected career. If any politician has been pushing for Nebraska to harvest wind energy, it is State Senator Don Preister. Over the last 10 years, he has repeatedly offered legislation that would require renewable resources to be used for electricity.

Nebraska Democrats are committed to the renewable energy industry and doing everything we can to attract more producers and grow our economy. The same goes for alternative energy sources like ethanol and biodiesel. Our Republican leadership seems to think they can show up for dedication ceremonies or support one ethanol initiative and that means they are committed to a stronger future for energy in Nebraska. They are wrong and it will cost Nebraskans in the future.

Democrats have real proposals to bring to the table that address a broad array of energy issues. You can check them out in yesterday's press release.

You can also ready more about the press conference in the Omaha World Herald.

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Nebraska Democrats Take a Stand on Energy Crises

This morning, the NDP held a well-attended news conference outlining a positive new vision for a more energy independent Nebraska. Nebraskans have been burdened this fall by high gas prices and await the looming threat of high heating bills as our temperatures drop. Nebraska's Republican leadership shows no interest in making the changes necessary to protect Nebraskans from these rising costs. In fact, our state's Republican leadership would rather sit around and watch as other states run laps around us in their attempts to cultivate new energy technologies. Nebraska Democrats are taking a stand on energy -- and propose new policies that will economic development to rural Nebraska, while making us a national leader in the production of alternative energies.

NDP Chairman Steve Achelpohl outlined a series of energy proposals that should be considered by state leaders. They include easing Nebraska's requirements for its Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, the creation of a price gouging standard, new incentives for the ethanol industry, a 10% ethanol mandate, and the development of biodiesel and wind as alternative energy sources.

State Senators Matt Connealy and Gwen Howard also shared their commitment to making Nebraska more energy independent. Senator Connealy is a strong advocate for the ethanol industry and is proposing the 10% ethanol mandate in the legislature.

Congressional Candidates Jim Esch and Scott Kleeb also shared their ideas for energy. Esch spoke about the need to be committed to alternative energy because the cost of oil will continue to rise in the future. Kleeb spoke about how the US needs to become more energy independent because the price of a tank of gas is too dependent on what is happening in other parts of the world.

To check out the press release for today's event, visit the Communications Center.

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State GOP Leadership at Its Finest...

Here is another example of the incompetence of the Johanns-Heineman Administraiton. Whle our neighbors in Iowa (led by a Democratic Governor/Administration) qualified for a $6.3 million federal government bonus for their excellent work in getting welfare recipients back to work, Nebraska gets bubkus. That's right, nothing. This is after just 2 months ago, it was reported that Nebraska's economic growth ranked #50 while Iowa's ranked #1.

Nebraska placed in the bottom nine states in a variety of categories used to determine the bonuses. We lost ground on measures of job entry, job retention, earnings gain and success in getting children from working poor families signed up for Medicaid. Nebraska's failing to provide enough child care, health insurance and other support for working parents likely factored into the poor rating as well.

The Nebraska Republican Record: Corruption and Incompetence

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Johanns Finally Puts Nebraska First?

The proposed closing of Farm Service Agency offices is upsetting farmers across Nebraska. Over the last few weeks, many newspapers have done stories that include dozens of local farmers who are opposed to the planned consolidation of 23 FSA offices in the state.

The FSA and Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns say the consolidation will improve service for farmers, but in reality, it will cause farmers to drive farther (and spend more on fuel) while taking away the familiarity farmers currently have with the workers in their hometown offices. Instead, it seems the FSA wants farmers to rely more heavily on the internet to file paperwork. That's a thought that leaves many farmers feeling unsettled.

Nebraska Democrats are ready to defend farmers from the FSA closings.

In today's Omaha World Herald, John Berge, a representative of Senator Nelson's office, said, "Sen. Nelson needs convincing that this is better for producers. FSA has had trouble delivering their programs, so it seems to the senator that they need to make a better argument. The Internet won't solve the consolidation problem."

At the end of last month, 3rd District Congressional Candidate Scott Kleeb criticized the FSA closings in a press release.

"As globalization puts growing competitive pressures on Nebraska farmers and ranchers, we need to strengthen and update our local FSA offices, not shut them down," Kleeb said. "These offices have supported agricultural innovation in Nebraska's rural communities since the Great Depression. That support is as vital today as it ever was."

"Modernized FSA offices at the county-level could be a powerful tool in helping our farmers take advantage of new opportunities in agriculture," Kleeb added. "They could and should play a central role in keeping Nebraska

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Columbus Day Open Thread

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Open Thread

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"Why Are You A Democrat?" (Day 10)

This is the last post in our "Why Are You A Democrat?" series. I hope you have enjoyed sharing your thoughts and seeing what make other folks so faithful to their Democratic beliefs.

I am a Democrat because I am my brothers keeper.

I am a Nebraska Democrat because I believe that being a Christian is not only talking the talk but it means that you are walking the walk because I believe every word of Matthew 25:32-46

I am a Democrat because I believe what Jesus taught and that is to give with your heart expecting nothing in return.

I am a Democrat because I believe it is moral to help the poor, sick, elderly and young. It is moral to be good stewards of the land and sea. It is moral to love my brother as I would love myself.

It is moral to be tolerant. I am a Nebraska Democrat because I know that it is right to show love patience and tolerance. That it is right to expect transparency and accountability in our elected officials.

I am a Democrat because being progressive isn't just a political choice but it is inherently who I am as a person. I am a Democrat because I know no other way to be.

-Robin Quarles

I am a Democrat, not a Nebraska Democrat, or an Arizona Democrat, that's all just Geography. I am a Democrat because I believe in people. I believe that our party, the Democratic Party is dedicated to the service of the citizens of the United States of America. The founders said it best when they said they would build a Government By, Of, and For the people. That is the difference between us and the Republicans. We are a party striving to help working class America. The Republicans are striving to help the special interests and Corporate lobbyists they serve, they have little interest in the little guy working at the local automotive factory, who loses his job to a man in China, because it's cheaper for GM to make cars there.

The Democratic Party is all about that little guy that doesn't fall into the category of super-rich that need protection from the Estate Tax (you may have heard of it, the Republicans call it the Death Tax). Those so called little people will never have enough money to ever have to worry about Estate Taxes, or tax cuts that only benefit the super-rich. The Democratic party has men such as the Honorable Senators from Massachusetts, Kennedy and Kerry. These are very wealthy men, who benefit from the very taxes they despise. So why am I a Democrat? Because of men who have more but would insist that I have the same opportunities as they do in this, The land of the free and the home of the brave. I don't need another reason!

-Kevin Queen

I'm a Nebraska Democrat because I believe that all voices should be heard in this state -- not just the wealthy and the corporate. I believe that government is necessary to empower and protect the rights of those who can't buy access. I also believe in accountability and am tired of seeing political insiders rip off honest citizens. We deserve better.

-Mary Kelly

When I was 6 years old, my family lived in Denver. My dad took me out of my kindergarten class for a day because President Clinton was speaking downtown. The only thing I remember is eating too much cotton candy & sitting on my dad's shoulders because I couldn't see very well. But later, when my teachers asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I replied The 1st Madame President. Now, I'm 17 and the President of the Scottsbluff High School student body. I am a Democrat because I also remember how passionate President Clinton was when he spoke, how the thousands of people who also saw him that day believed so deeply in what he had to say. Now I feel that same passion & I believe in the Democratic Party and what we strive for: equality, civil rights, and above all, the freedom to be an American.

-Emily Stein

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