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YouTube: Republicans Talking, Democrats Solving

The video features Boehner's comments that Americans don't want solutions right now "Let's not get to the potential solutions… let's make sure Americans understand how big the problem is."


John Boehner could not have it more backward. Solutions are exactly what American families and small businesses are looking for and though there were none whatsoever to be found in the GOP's maligned ‘Pledge to America' that doesn't mean they don't exist. In fact, just 24 hours after Boehner's comment, the President signed small businesses legislation that delivers real solutions by way of more than $55 billion in tax relief over the next year and new loans for small businesses looking to hire and expand.

As President Obama and Democrats in Congress work tirelessly to provide much needed support to America's small businesses and the overall economy, Republicans continue to do what they do best; talking around the issues without actually solving any problems. In fact, this is precisely the choice voters have in November's elections -- a Democratic Party who provide solutions to restore our economy and create more jobs and a Republican Party that believes now is not the time for solutions, but for more rhetoric.

YouTube: Republicans Talking, Democrats Solving