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Omaha, NE -- Tom White's campaign for Congress in Nebraska's 2nd District went up with its first TV ad today on districtwide broadcast and cable.

The 30-second spot highlights Tom's independence, and opens with him speaking directly to voters about how the debt that both parties have created is just "wrong." It introduces Tom as someone who worked his way through school doing construction jobs, and as a state Senator helped pass the largest tax cut in Nebraska history and voted to cut spending to balance the budget.

Watch the ad at

Complete script with citations:

Tom White: When you look at the debt that both parties in Washington keep piling on our kids -- it's just wrong.

Announcer: Tom White. He worked his way through college and law school… working construction.

A different kind of leader for Nebraska…

Tom White worked to pass the largest tax cut in state history. [LB 367, passed 5/16/07]

…and cut millions in state government waste to balance the budget without raising taxes. [State of Nebraska FY09-10 and FY10-11 Biennial Budget, May 2010.]

Tom White: I'm Tom White and I approve this message because Washington may not get it. But Nebraska does.

Tom White for Congress Launches First TV Ad