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How to be a National Delegate


Nebraska's Delegate Allocation

Pledged Delegate Votes
District Level Delegates = 25
District Level Alternates = 2
At-Large Delegates = 9
At-Large Alternates = 1
PLEOs = 4
Subtotal (To Be Elected At State Convention) = 41

Unpledged Party Leaders
Democratic National Committee Members = 5
Democratic Members of Congress = 1
Subtotal (These Delegates are members of the Democratic National Committee) = 6

Total Number of Delegates from Nebraska to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC = 47



Delegates elected to the 2012 Democratic National Convention on September 3-6 in Charlotte, NC are obligated to attend. Please be aware that there are travel and accommodation costs for the 2012 Convention, and the Nebraska Democratic Party does not furnish airfare, hotels, or any other travel expenses to the 2012 Convention. The Nebraska Democratic Party also does not provide any financial assistance to attend the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Here are some estimated costs of attending the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina:

  • Airfare from Lincoln, Omaha, or Denver to Charlotte, NC = $350 to $700
  • Hotel for five nights = $900 to $1,700
  • Food, etc. = $300 to $450
  • Incidental Costs = $150

         Total Estimated Cost = $1,700 to $3,000.

Air Travel: Charlotte, NC can be a challenge to reach from Nebraska. US Airways offers a non-stop flight from Omaha. Delta, United, and American also fly into Charlotte, but will require a layover. Southwest does not fly into Charlotte, NC. The closest airport serviced by Southwest is Greenville/Spartanburg, SC, which is a 2-hour drive from Charlotte.

Hotels: The NDP has a block of hotel rooms for Nebraska's delegation. Delegates may make alternate accommodations, if they so desire. Please be aware that space is limited at the delegation's hotel so anyone who is not a delegate and plans to attend Convention should make separate accommodations. Cost and information on booking hotel rooms for the delegation will be made available as Convention approaches.

Food and incidentals: Plan on spending about $50 a day on food. Also consider, cab fare may be necessary to travel between the Convention location and the hotel or a restaurant.

Financing your trip: If the costs of attending Convention seem daunting, please don't allow that to stop you from running for a Delegate slot. Delegates are encouraged to hold their own fundraisers to finance the trip to Charlotte.