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Tell Pete Ricketts our State Legislature isn't for sale

When you're a multi-millionaire, it seems like everything is for sale.
Sure, it's normal for some people to buy the Chicago Cubs for a mere $900 million. That kind of money is like pocket change to someone like Pete Ricketts.

If you're a mega millionaire, you can also run for office and contribute $11,302,078 million of your own money to your political campaign just like Pete Ricketts did back in 2006 when he ran for Senate. Who cares if you spent more cash than any U.S. Senate candidate in the history of Nebraska? Doesn't everyone have $11 million floating around in their bank accounts? After 2006, it's obvious that Pete Ricketts tries to buy what he can't win on its own merits.

Why is it no surprise that Pete Ricketts is dropping money like crazy into campaign races across Nebraska?

So far Ricketts and Nebraskans for Fiscal Accountability (a PAC primarily funded by Ricketts) have given in the 2010 election cycle:

• $31,179 to Lydia Brasch for State Legislature in District 16.
• $17,931 to Chad Wright for State Legislature in District 46.
• $14,700 to Jeff Fortenberry for Congress and his PAC.
• $7,500 to Dave Heineman for Governor.
• $4,857.01 to John Knabe for State Legislature in District 30.
• $4,400 to Lee Terry for Congress.
• $2,500 to Jim Smith for State Legislature in District 14.
• $2,400 to Adrian Smith for Congress.
• $2,000 to John Gale for Secretary of State.
• $1,500 to Brent Smoyer for Lancaster County Commissioner District 5.
• $1,000 to Tom Dierks for State Legislature in District 26.
• $1,000 to Brandon Hunnicutt for State Legislature in District 34.
• $500 to Don Stenberg for State Treasurer.

$90,000 in campaign donations is just the average person's pocket change, right? And the election cycle isn't even over yet.

Is Pete Ricketts trying to buy our Nebraska elected officials? Why would a multi millionaire want influence in our Unicameral? How many more tax breaks will this buy for Pete Ricketts?

Voters wouldn't let Pete Ricketts buy an election four years ago and they won't let him buy the legislative seats this year.

On Tuesday, November 2nd, it's time to Nebraskans to stand up to mega millionaire Pete Ricketts and tell him our Nebraska Government isn't for sale.

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