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Just Who is Deb Fischer?

The Candidate No One Knows....

Bob Kerrey has accepted the first invitation to debate Deb Fischer, which would allow Nebraskans to discover who can best represent our state in Washington, DC.

So far, the media agrees on one thing about Deb Fischer following her surprise Primary win last Tuesday - no one knows who she is or what she stands for. Leading up to the Primary last week, Fischer did little campaigning on her own and slipped through the Primary due to the outside influence of $254,863 worth of negative ads paid for by billionaire Joe Ricketts, CEO of TD Ameritrade.

The proposed debate, sponsored by The American Legion Cornhusker Boys State and American Legion Auxiliary Cornhusker Girls State on June 5th at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, gives Nebraskans an opportunity to examine Fischer's extreme right-wing voting record.

Fischer has been identified by a blog as being in the "96th percentile for conservatism in the officially nonpartisan Nebraska unicameral, and in the 93rd percentile of identified Republicans. That is, only 7 percent of Nebraska Republicans are more conservative than she in recent years."

If Fischer maintains this hard-core ideology and is elected to the US Senate, her views would place her somewhere near Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who is in favor of the Ryan budget, was against bailing out the auto industry, and wished to permit oil drilling & development in ANWR.

So who really knows Deb Fisher? Right now it's a small group of 79,000 voters from the Primary. These voters make up less than 7% of the voting electorate, and the main argument of the Primary election was to vote for "Anyone But Bruning." That's not exactly the way to reach people, discuss the issues, and be elected on merit. Most Nebraskans simply don't know Deb.

Accepting this invitation to debate will help Nebraskans see who Deb Fischer is. Does Deb represent Nebraska values or is she already bought and paid for by billionaire Joe Ricketts?



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