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Governor Heineman Still Not Over Losing 2008 Electoral Vote in Congressional District 2

24 May 2012
Nebraska Republicans Still Feel Sting of Loss; Nebraska's Electoral Vote Could Go For Obama Again

LINCOLN- In 1991, State Senator DiAnna Schimek worked to change Nebraska to a split electoral vote. As a result of her efforts, Nebraska is one of two states that allow for the electoral votes in a Presidential election to be split; the other 48 states vote as "winner takes all."

2008 marked the first time that Nebraska actually split the electoral vote for a Presidential candidate with Barack Obama winning a lone electoral vote from Congressional District 2 with Nebraska's four other votes going to McCain.

Since Obama's win in 2008, Governor Dave Heineman and the Nebraska Republican Party have been actively attempting to change Nebraska back to a "winner takes all state." Nebraska Republicans in the Legislature made it their priority to undo the split electoral vote with Legislative Bill 21 since they lost the electoral vote to Democrats at the polls on November 4, 2008.

This week, Governor Heineman continued the GOP's efforts to change Nebraska's split electoral vote, saying that it's "totally inappropriate," and he noted that efforts to retain the current system were "partisan and political."

"Heineman's grievance would carry more weight if it came prior to President Obama winning the electoral vote in Congressional District 2," said Jim Rogers, Executive Director of the Nebraska Democratic Party. "Had the Republicans previously complained at some other time in the nearly two decades after Nebraska switched to a split electoral vote, their claims of unfairness would not ring hollow with the fears that they're going to lose the electoral vote again in 2012."