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Nebraska Democratic Party to State Senator Fischer: Your Comments Don't Reflect Nebraska Values

18 May 2012
Fischer Needs to Talk Less Trash and More About the Issues

LINCOLN -The Nebraska Democratic Party today urged State Senator Deb Fischer to engage in a more positive debate on the issues than has been reflected in her comments so far.

"Suggesting that Nebraskans who leave Nebraska and return home, or suggesting that individuals who moved to Nebraska to make it their home are not allowed to participate fully in our democracy reflects an intolerance that is not a Nebraska value," said Jim Rogers, Executive Director of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

On KLIN Drive Time Wednesday, State Senator Fischer suggested that Kerrey does not live in Nebraska because she "did not know his address." Fischer has also stated that Kerrey is no longer a Nebraskan because he lived in New York City as President of the New School University.

"These are truly mean-spirited and intolerant remarks that do not reflect the better nature of Deb Fischer or Nebraskans," Rogers said. "The good people of Nebraska have been given a black eye by Deb Fischer's comments. Nebraskans don't deserve it."

Rogers also raised the following questions:

1. Is State Senator Deb Fischer's billionaire benefactor, Joe Ricketts, no longer a Nebraskan because he resides in Wyoming? Has he lost his Cornhusker values as a result of moving out-of-state?

2. Is Congressman Jeff Fortenberry not a Nebraskan because he lived most of his life outside of Nebraska?

3. Did Senator Kerrey lose his status as a Nebraskan when he served in the U.S. Navy for three years?

4. Is there an expiration date after which Nebraskans who leave the state are no longer considered Nebraskans?

"It's time to move on to more important issues, like resolving our deficit, lowering the cost of health care, and defending our nation against terrorist threats," Rogers said. "Let's end the child-play."