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Jon Bruning Comments on Same-Sex Marriage and Forgets His Previous Statements

10 May 2012
Just Like Mitt Romney, Bruning Flip-Flops Again

LINCOLN- Attorney General Jon Bruning was interviewed this afternoon on KLIN's Drive Time Lincoln before next Tuesday's primary to talk about his Senate campaign. When asked about his position on same-sex marriage, Bruning replied, "I believe marriage is a union between one man and one woman."

"Today Jon Bruning claimed that he doesn't support same-sex marriages," said Jim Rogers, Nebraska Democratic Party Executive Director. "If an elephant never forgets, why can't Jon Bruning remember that he's previously supported equal rights for the LGBTQ community when he said he believes ‘homosexuals should have the same rights as everyone else'?"

Voiced Views Supporting Equal Rights for Homosexuals in School Newspaper While in Law School

Jon Bruning wrote the following in a Daily Nebraskan article:

"I believe homosexuals should have the same rights as everyone else. They ought to be able to be Boy Scout leaders, soldiers and anything else they want to be. Just because a person is gay doesn't mean they're a pedophile or a bad soldier. While I've only known two people in my life who were admittedly gay, I'd be happy to fight side-by-side with either of them if the United States went to war." [Daily Nebraskan, 11/13/92]