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Fischer Hiding Behind Billionaire Buddies And Won't Address Concerns of Nebraskans

2 July 2012

LINCOLN- The ad by the Nebraska Democratic Party is straight and to the point. Deb Fisher is slighting Nebraskans and the local media by avoiding debates and using her campaign manager, Karl Rove, and the Koch brothers as her mouthpiece.

"It's no surprise that Fischer prefers billionaires to be her spokespeople rather than address Nebraskans with her own beliefs. Fischer wishes to hide that she signed the Grover Nordquist tax pledge to protect the tax breaks of her billionaire benefactors like Joe Ricketts and the Koch Brothers, and she stands against the middle class and favors tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy," said Jim Rogers, Executive Director of the Nebraska Democratic Party. "With this ad, we are calling Fischer out on it. We welcome the opportunity for her to address these issues and that forum is being provided by many stellar Nebraska institutions, like Boys/Girls state, the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce, and Creighton University yet Fisher has given the thumbs down to participate in all of these."