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State Senator Deb Fischer Can’t, and Won’t, Refute her $3 Million Welfare Handout

10 July 2012
Fischer Remains Silent While Nebraska Republican Party Tries to Change the Subject

OMAHA - While State Senator Deb Fischer remains silent on the nearly $3 million she has made on her sweetheart cattle grazing deal, the Nebraska Republican Party issued a release today that didn't refute the TV ad and the information.

"It's a bunch of bull," said Vince Powers, Democratic National Committeeman. "We correctly pointed out yesterday that Deb Fischer and the Nebraska Republican Party couldn't refute the nearly $3 million that Fischer has received in government handouts. Today, they just proved our point. Republicans again responded with a bunch of meaningless nonsense."

The Nebraska Republican Party falsely claims that the Democratic Party ad insults ranchers, conveniently forgetting that 99 percent of Nebraska ranchers don't, and can't, receive this assistance.

"These distortions by Fisher and the Nebraska Republican Party are an insult to the 99 percent of Nebraska ranchers who are at a competitive disadvantage," Powers said. "What about those ranchers who don't even have the opportunity to bid on these contracts because of Fischer's exclusive entitlement? This subsidy does nothing to reduce the cost to the consumer, but instead is just a direct benefit to Deb Fischer."

Conservative organizations like the Cato Institute have long called for an end to these subsidies. Since 1995, the Cato Institute has called for an end to sweetheart grazing deals, such as those enjoyed by Deb Fischer, which cost taxpayers at least $144 million a year. Cato calls the "distortions" of the grazing deals "cowboy socialism"

Another conservative organization, the Platte Institute is also opposed to the government handout on cattle grazing. The Platte Institute is funded by Pete Ricketts, son of Joe Ricketts, who spent $250,000 to help Fischer win the Republican Primary.

"Perhaps Fischer is silent because she doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds her," Powers said. "The Ricketts family supports the Platte Institute, which opposes the subsidies. Now that she has been caught receiving welfare, she has some explaining to do to her benefactors."