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Nebraska House Republicans Vote To Raise Seniors' Medical Expenses, Strip Insurance Coverage From Thousands of Nebraskans and Raise Taxes

What the House vote to repeal the ACA will really do to Nebraskans.


Today, Representatives Jeff Fortenberry, Lee Terry and Adrian Smith voted for the 31st time to repeal Obama Care.  For these out of touch Nebraska House Republicans with excellent taxpayer financed health insurance policies, this is just a political game. For thousands of Nebraskans, though,the repeal of Obama Care would be devastating.

Currently, 18,000 more young adults (age 26 and under) in Nebraska are now insured through their parents' health insurance policies.  These Nebraska House Republicans have now voted 31 times to take this away.

Since this landmark law was enacted, 275,984  Nebraskans with Medicare have received free preventative care like colonoscopies or mammograms without co-pays. Early detection can save both lives and money. However, the Nebraska House Republicans voted to take this away.

Thus far, thanks to Obama Care, seniors in Nebraska have saved $24,948,340 in total prescription costs or an average $613 in savings per person. The Nebraska House Republicans just voted to raise seniors' prescription drug expenses.

Due to Obama Care, 266 Nebraskans previously uninsured because of a pre-existing condition are now insured.  Fortenberry, Terry and Smith just voted to strip them of their insurance coverage.

For responsible small business owners who are struggling with rising health care costs, the federal reforms give tax breaks on insurance coverage. But the Nebraska House Republicans just voted to raise their taxes. As we all know, the Nebraska House Republicans favor middle class tax increases and only support tax cuts that largely benefit the wealthy.

Thanks to the landmark 2010 health care reform law, the insurance industry will soon be sending out rebate checks totaling $1.2 billion to policy holders and consumers.  The rebates should average $127 for the people who should receive them.  Apparently, the Nebraska House Republicans would prefer that the insurance industry keep this money, instead of going to Nebraskans.

It's obvious that the Nebraska House Republicans are primarily interested in protecting the interests of the insurance industry and not the citizens that they purport to represent.  Their values are the values of Wall Street - not our values, not Nebraska values.

I call upon my fellow Democrats to work hard for our fine slate of Congressional candidates who will represent us - and not the large out of state corporations who finance the campaigns of Fortenberry, Terry and Smith.


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