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Fischer’s refusal to debate, reliability on website raises questions

With the recent announcement of a debate date between senatorial candidates Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey for August 25th at the Nebraska State Fair, a resounding question has been raised- what took so long?
Since the May 15 primary, there have been no debates held between Kerrey and Fischer. In June, the perfect opportunity for a debate came up with a request from Cornhusker Boys and Girls State. Kerrey accepted the invitation, but Fischer declined with little explanation for her refusal.

Another refusal from Fischer to debate came at the beginning of July. Following the Supreme Court's historic decision to uphold President Barack Obama's health care reform law, Kerrey requested a debate specifically centered on health care. Fischer refused, explaining, "I don't think it's necessary to have one specific debate on health care. That's just one of many issues Nebraskans are concerned about," according to

What happened to the Fischer who claimed, "I hope we have a lot of debates... We had 7 debates [in the primary] and I was the only candidate at all seven," on March 1 during a KLIN DTL Radio Interview? What about the Fischer who stated on March 5th on the KFAB Good Morning Show that "We need to be talking about the issues. I plan to be at every debate I'm invited to?"

That Fischer has been replaced by the Deb Fischer who claims she does not need to debate because she has a campaign website. As Fischer told KHAS TV, "people know my positions. As I said, I have been out debating a number of times. I have a website where we have had it up and have had positions up since November and December. So people can go to that website, too."

Fischer's downright refusals to debate raise serious questions about her ability to perform in a live debate platform. However, with surely no invitations to be accepted by Fischer in the near future, it seems we will be in the dark until August 25th, when both candidates will finally take the stage to debate. Until then, it seems, we'll just have to keep checking Fischer's catch-all website. Get your browsers ready!


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