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"Dollar Sign Deb Fischer" -- Always Looking To Promote Her Sweetheart Deal

17 August 2012











LINCOLN- While most Nebraskans are struggling to make ends meet, Deb Fischer continues to benefit from being a welfare rancher. The irony is that the brand for the Fischer's Sunny Slope Ranch is a dollar sign (see link below.) Deb Fischer not only takes advantage of a sweetheart grazing deal, but she reminds other ranchers that some people are so happy with what they've got...they want more.

"For someone who benefits from a federally subsidized sweetheart grazing deal that saves her over $100,000 annually, Welfare Rancher Deb Fischer sure likes to advertise it and rub it in the faces of the 99% of Nebraska ranchers who don't, and can't receive this assistance," said Jim Rogers, Executive Director of the Nebraska Democratic Party. "The brand for Fischer's Sunny Slope Ranch is a dollar sign, which reminds Nebraskans that Fischer benefits from a program which has shelled out over $3 million in tax payer dollars to her."