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Fischer Attempts to Distance Herself From Palin

6 August 2012
Fischer claims her politics differ from Palin's, but offers no examples

LINCOLN-- Sarah Palin made an unscheduled drop-in to Omaha this weekend to visit with Deb Fischer. The two women met for the first time, and Palin noted about Fischer, "I love her common sense. I love her passion for sound policy." In May of this year, Sarah Palin endorsed Deb Fischer in Nebraska's Republican Primary after Fischer wrote to Palin requesting her support as "a fellow female Republican" and strong conservative. In Sunday's Omaha World Herald article about the Palin-Fischer meeting, Fischer's spokesperson denied that his candidate is tightly aligned with Palin's political philosophy.

"Deb Fischer now wants Nebraskans to believe she's not a student of her mentor Sarah Palin," said Vince Powers, Nebraska Democratic Party's National Committeeman and Chair-elect. "If there's a contrast between Fischer and Palin, then Deb Fischer needs to tell Nebraskans which of Sarah Palin's positions she disagrees with and which positions she supports. The two Tea Partiers do have one sharp contrast. Palin claims she wants to end government subsidies and Fischer plans to keep her big money government handout, available to a select few."