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Does Nebraska Want A Bully To Be It's Next U.S. Senator?

The junk lawsuit that Deb Fischer filed against her neighbor has been getting a lot of new attention lately. The Kerrey campaign has launched an offensive to inform Nebraska voters about this sordid chapter in Fischer's life by unveiling a new TV advertisement and putting up www.

The new ad and website repeat the already well known facts about how Fischer sued her neighbors in an attempt to steal their land.  The new facts that came out about the Fischer's junk lawsuit lawsuit paint an even darker picture about what happened in this fight that Fischer picked with her neighbors. As it turned out, Fischer's frivolous lawsuit cost Les and Betty Kime $40,000.00 in attorneys fees.  As we all know, after two years of protracted litigation, the judge ruled in favor of the Kimes.

What we also learned is that the dismissal of Fischer's lawsuit didn't end the dispute.  Fischer subsequently took her land grab attempt to a local fencing commission which once again ruled in favor of the Kimes. After this defeat, Fischer refused to pay the fees owed to the fencing commission until a lien was filed against her land and she decided to run for the Legislature.

Unfortunately, the decision of the fencing commission didn't mark the end of the dispute.  After Fischer was elected to the Unicameral, the Kimes attempted to sell the disputed (and beautiful property) to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission so that this special place could be enjoyed by all Nebraskans.  However, Fischer used her position as a State Senator to block the sale and deprive Nebraskans of the opportunity to enjoy this exceptional piece of land.

Fischer's response to these new revelations are almost as disturbing as her previous actions.  She tried to spin it by claiming this was a "routine" boundary dispute and claimed that she these kinds of lawsuits occur "everyday" in Nebraska.  There is nothing "routine" about a two year lawsuit that takes two years and costs the winning party $40,000.00.  Moreover,  this was not a typical boundary dispute. Instead, this was an was adverse possession action and only a handful are ever filed in Nebraska. If you consult any experienced attorney, they will tell you these suits are rare. Fischer attempted to seize the land in it's entirety and  just a handful of adverse possession suits have been filed in 21st century.

What all of this tells us is that Fischer is a bully. She is one of the wealthiest and most prominent citizens in Cherry County.  As a private citizen, she tried to exploit her wealth to seize some valuable land from a long time, good neighbor.  What is even more disturbing is that as a State Senator, she abused her power to settle an old grudge and deprived Nebraskans of the opportunity to visit this special property.

I can safely say that Nebraskans don't want a bully as their U.S. Senator.  As the GOP used to tell us during the 1990s, character counts.  Bob Kerrey is the candidate in this race who has the necessary character to represent us in the U.S. Senator.  He is a war hero, successful business owner, former Governor, former U.S. Senator and a member of the bi-partisan 9/11 Commission.  It is pretty obvious now who is most qualified to serve Nebraska in the U.S. Senate.

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