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More Evidence Our Candidates Have The Wind At Their Backs

Today the Nebraska political world is buzzing with a brand new poll showing that Bob Kerrey reduced Deb Fischer's lead to a mere three points. The Omaha World Herald poll for October 28 provides strong verification the race has significantly tightened with Kerrey diminishing Fischer's lead down to 49% to 46%.

Ever since Kerrey's campaign has raised the matter of Fischer's junk lawsuit and abuse of power as State Senator, the Nebraska Republicans have been complaining about his aggressive tactics that have exposed the truth about Deb Fischer. These Republican complaints tell us a lot about the state of the race and led me to believe that the Senate race will come down to the wire. The GOP wouldn't be complaining if Kerrey's strategy wasn't working. It's obvious that the Nebraska GOP is concerned that Fischer could blow what they once thought was a sure thing.

What this all means is that we have a great opportunity to win some very important races next month.

Nebraskans can elect Bob Kerrey and John Ewing as well as carry CD-02 for President Obama. I would urge all of my Democratic friends to redouble our efforts. Man some phone banks, walk some precincts and make a contribution to the candidate of your choice if you can afford it. Our message is resonating with the voters and now we need to close the deal!

Read the full article about the poll at: World-Herald Poll: Bob Kerrey, Deb Fischer Senate race tightens

Dennis Crawford is our newly elected 2nd Associate Chair. He will begin serving his term on the NDP's executive board at the first State Central Committee meeting following November's election. Thank you to Dennis for his contribution to the NDP's blog.



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