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Hagel Disses Stenberg, Osborne�

Nebraska Democrats: Hagel Deals First Setback to Stenberg Campaign

LINCOLN, NE--Yesterday, Senator Chuck Hagel conspicuously withheld his endorsement of Don Stenbergs U.S. Senate candidacy, citing other possible candidates as his reason. nnJust two weeks ago, Hagel endorsed Dave Heinemans gubernatorial candidacy within minutes after Heineman filed his candidacy papers, despite Rep. Tom Osbornes well publicized consideration of a 2006 gubernatorial candidacy. nnWhy hasnt Chuck Hagel endorsed Don Stenberg, when he endorsed him in 2000 as he ran for the same office against the same opponent?

Hagel wasnt afraid to get involved in a primary when he backed Heineman before Tom Osborne had a chance to decide what hed like to do about running for governor. nnChuck Hagel has stunted Don Stenbergs campaign kickoff by effectively rescinding his previous endorsement of Stenbergs candidacy. "His silence speaks loudly about his faith in Stenberg's ability to beat Nebraskas Senator Ben Nelson in 2006," said Barry Rubin, Executive Director of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

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